Online E-Book Business Opportunities: The 3 Best Shipping Software
for Small Businesses

Shipping can be a time-consuming and energy-draining task. From taking customers’ orders, handling the logistics to shipping the product, it can take up a lot of time, and many errors can occur along the way. However, with the innovation of e-commerce shipping software, the process has been simplified, and errors have been significantly minimized. E-commerce shipping software does this by automating the time-consuming tasks, such as storing and managing inventory, taking orders, processing orders, and delivering orders, as well as tracking them. When humans handle such tasks, more mistakes are bound to happen. Although shipping software is not perfect, it has proven to be a lot more accurate than humans. So let’s highlight some of the best shipping software for small businesses:


Streamline your shipping processes with Fishbowl Inventory e-commerce shipping software

Fishbowl inventory is one of the best e-commerce shipping software out there to automate your shipping processes. It’s designed to integrate with QuickBooks. Quickbooks is a vital software to install on your e-commerce website because it makes all functions of the business, such as vendors, customers, employees, and banking to run like a well-oiled machine. Integration with shipping solution will make your business processes even more streamlined. This shipping software also helps with inventory management.

It comes with a wireless bar-coding system to help with that. Bar-coding system automatically reorders products when they reach a minimum level and update data in real-time. Fishbowl Inventory also integrates with your shopping cart and credit card systems to streamline your check out processes. And most importantly, it integrates with multiple carriers, including FedEx, and UPS to enable you to evaluate and choose the best carrier based on price and efficiency. And on top of all that, it comes with a 14-day free trial to ensure the software works for you before you pay for it.

BizAutomation is a excellent e-commerce shipping software

BizAutomation is awesome shipping software to automate your shipping processes. What sets it apart from other shipping software is that it’s cloud-based, which means cases of downtime are eradicated. It allows real-time order entry, shipment, and tracking, which means you can view the shipment status, in real-time, until it reaches the customer. It can work for just about any industry, including retail, service industry, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. It also integrates with almost all your e-commerce website systems, including shopping cart software, check out systems, inventory management systems, Customer Relationship Management systems and support systems. More importantly, it integrates with multiple carries to enable you to analyze and find the best one that offers the most competitive price and timely delivery.


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Try Lettuce e-commerce shipping software

Lettuce is pretty good e-commerce shipping software for small businesses. It comes with QuickBooks integration to ensure all aspects of your business, such as customers, employees, vendors, and finances run efficiently. It’s web-based shipping software, which means it allows you to see and track your shipment anywhere, anytime using your mobile device. It’s real-time order entry and management ensures that your inventory is always up to date to avoid cases of out-of-stock items. It offers greater customization options. It’s tough to find software that synchronizes with your business needs regarding design and functionality; which is why choosing software that offers greater customization options is a good idea. It lets you customize the software to align with your business needs and goals. Lettuce comes with a free trial period to allow you to test it out before the full purchase.


Conclusion Automation of shipping processes is important for small businesses because it helps them compete with large businesses. Mostly, it helps them reduce costs that erode their profit margins, such as labor, print shipping labels, handling, and shipping. It also increases your business reputation because your shipping will be efficient, which means customers will not complain.